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Ink the Incubus gets trapped in the body of an unsuspecting male exchange student.
The only food source available seems to be the young Bitch next door - will your Host be able to tame her?
This is a trainer Visual Novel. Or maybe not?

Mobile: prefer APK download version :)

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Current tags (spoiler): BxG, 2dCG, animated, possession, mythical creature, corruption, humor, strip, big tits, blasphemy/religion, virginity, teasing, oral, cunnilingus, vaginal, maledom, mental changes, condom, fellatio, boobjob/titfuck, blowjob, spanking, cock worship, swallow, anal (optional), [CENSORED]

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Inkubak Ep 1-4 (Android).apk 41 MB
Version 4.0.0
Inkubak Ep 1-4 (Win/Lin).zip 40 MB
Version 4.0.0
Inkubak Ep 1-4 (Mac).zip 22 MB
Version 4.0.0

Download demo

Inkubak Ep 1-2 (Android).apk 36 MB
Inkubak Ep 1-2 (Win/Lin).zip 35 MB
Inkubak Ep 1-2 (Mac).zip 18 MB

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could you add a .html version? the regular web ver. is a bit laggy for my computer.


it’s sad I rlly wanted to try the game 

It's made for tablets as well :)

If you're using Android, it's best to download the .apk version.

If you're using Apple, I just added a keyboard in the web version so you can type type text when needed.

Are you talking about the Mac version bc I couldn’t find the web verison and it didn’t work in the reqular version but it’s fine I might be able to hook up y keyboard and try

okay din work

Hi. I don't really understand what doesn't work for you. Can you explain what kind of tablet you're using, what Inkubak download you're playing, and what happens when you're stuck in the game?

So I using a iPad Air no down load bc I cant use them for some reason and when I get to it it has it a red line that where your supposed to put it in I guess and nothing it’s not frozen just I tap nothing happenes

Deleted 201 days ago
Deleted 201 days ago

there’s a problem I am on tablet and well I think it was made for computer so I can’t put in numbers

I ave to put in the master password but it does nothing what do I do and the computer just says girls pls help

Hi. Do another failed password attempt and go back to the Oracle.

Autoplay music on page. Back to the 2000s 

Given the number of browser protections nowadays, that is quite rare. But when that fails, you can disable autoplay in your itch.io settings.

I cant find the towel on the left side of the room and I also cant find out the Master Passcode

The towel appears later in the game.

For the master password, query your oracle :)

How to go into the bathroom?


Hi. You just need to click on the towel on the left side of the host's room.

Deleted 263 days ago

I am surprised the people who made Bendy and the Ink Machine did not ask for the game to be taken down...great game tho!

Hmmm, on what grounds?

Idk....the ink man i guess, or because his name is ink.

When is episode 3 out on itch?

Fortunately nobody owns the word "ink" ;)

Ep.3&4 are available for purchase here.

how do i get past the part where after i get to where she says inquire her def of nudity and she kicks me out im stuck

(1 edit)

a few suggestions for the demo; one, possibly give bitche more hair on the top of her head to make her look more feminine, two possibly make her waist smaller, and three; make her more sweaty when you turn on the heater

Did you really make a bitch lasagna joke? It hurts me to think that you did, but I also couldn't be happier.

I did much worse ^_^

True, some of those other jokes were really painful too. But the bitch lasagna one just felt like it came out of nowhere, and it made me laugh so much more than it should have.

no clue how to get past first sex session, fast or slow, cum at the exact same point every single time to the pixel.

With the power of the towel.

Surprisingly good

Glad you liked it!